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October 22, 2008 , 2:40 PM

Last time i create a sprite, which looked a little less crappier when was placed in a 3d space.
But what if i create six sprites (based on the previous crappy one), and play around with its axis rotation properties?, maybe i get to create a cube =)

I was checking over the internet, find this link, and that seems to be a normal way to create a cube, so i gave it a try.

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October 14, 2008 , 2:02 PM

hi there (and everyone else).
I'm getting a little bored at the office so, I'm gonna start playing around with flex builder 3.0.x and flash player 10.
My first test is a new classic: x, y, z rotation, there are a bunch of them already but i wanted to make my own.
so, if you're interested keep reading (flash player 10 required, be warned =P)

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