xyz rotation test (fp10)

hi there (and everyone else).
I'm getting a little bored at the office so, I'm gonna start playing around with flex builder 3.0.x and flash player 10.
My first test is a new classic: x, y, z rotation, there are a bunch of them already but i wanted to make my own.
so, if you're interested keep reading (flash player 10 required, be warned =P)

here is the working version. (right click to see the code)

hey, where is your flash player? get yours here

there not much to explain, is just a sprite that has its x, y and z axis rotated based on the values of the sliders., and the projectionCenter property of the sprite is being set based on the main movie dimensions, so we get to see the perspective centered, right click on the swf to see the code (I have to fix my code viewer over here =P)

here's a post on how to create flash player 10 content using flex builder.