my Twitter Widget.

recenly i have been a little hooked up into twitter , i even added the default widget to my blog. but since i wasn't really happy with it, i opted for create my own

here is how it looks like:

to use it, you'll just need to use your own screen-name, but you can also customize the look of it.
there are the parameter you can tweak.

object/embed argument:
bgcolor => color of the swf, the ugly flex-blue one will show up if you dont change this.
userId = your screen name or user id.
mainColor = the color of the balloon
fontColor = the color of the text.
dateColor = the color for the publish date text.

the embed code looks pretty much like this:

<object width="170" height="140" bgcolor="{#FFFFFF}">
<param name="movie" value="{yourUserId}&mainColor={0x336699}&fontColor={0xFFFFFF}">
<embed src="{yourUserId}&mainColor={0x336699}&fontColor={0xFFFFFF}"
width="170" height="140" bgcolor="{#FFFFFF}">

code generator

Heres a code generator, when you're done, grab the code from the textArea at the bottom (that will be the code you'll need to paste on your site)
whoops!, it seems like I blewed it somewhere..., there should be flash piece over here!

[update 2008.08.19]: layoutMode property added to select the position of the avatar.


CaLoFs said:

Buenisimo Kadazuro!

Rafeo said:

Buen widget, que bueno saber que andes por acá en Twitter :D.

me parece interesante para ponerlo en mi blog.

buena dr. kadazuro usted siempre sorprendiendo