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October 22, 2008 , 2:40 PM

Last time i create a sprite, which looked a little less crappier when was placed in a 3d space.
But what if i create six sprites (based on the previous crappy one), and play around with its axis rotation properties?, maybe i get to create a cube =)

I was checking over the internet, find this link, and that seems to be a normal way to create a cube, so i gave it a try.

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October 14, 2008 , 2:02 PM

hi there (and everyone else).
I'm getting a little bored at the office so, I'm gonna start playing around with flex builder 3.0.x and flash player 10.
My first test is a new classic: x, y, z rotation, there are a bunch of them already but i wanted to make my own.
so, if you're interested keep reading (flash player 10 required, be warned =P)

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June 17, 2008 , 2:01 PM

recenly i have been a little hooked up into twitter , i even added the default widget to my blog. but since i wasn't really happy with it, i opted for create my own

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April 17, 2008 , 10:25 AM

do you remember the time when if you need mimic a form behavior or send variables through the http, you just needed to grab a loadVars ojbect, and toss in all the things you wanna send and the just send it?, well, those times are gone, there is a couple of things that have changed.

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December 6, 2007 , 9:07 AM

Well, lets get this thing going, any complains about my english please be sure to drop me an email cc'ing the cable television network, since tv has been my english teacher for a long time now...

At work, we've playing around with ANT for our projects, it just get the compile process a lot easier, but just when you think your life is great and everything is full of happiness, something came along...

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June 12, 2007 , 11:36 AM

Es bonito ver que "gente" que ha estado con nosotros durante tanto tiempo, se moderniza, o por lo menos sus creadores se toman el tiempo para preguntar "qué le podemos agregar a este typo para hacerlo aún más util?".
este es el caso del siempre bien querido Array.
Un Array siempre ha sido útil, y es uno de los preferidos para guardar info y tener esta info a mano, ya que es nada más cuestión de crealo y empezar a "echarle" valores para usarlo luego.
El problema era cuando habia que recorrer el bendido array para ver si existia un valor, o aún peor cuando habia que remover algún valor.

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April 14, 2007 , 8:41 PM

Conforme pasa el tiempo, las herramientas de desarrollo van evolucionando, obligándonos a los desarrolladores a hacer lo mismo. En un mercado tan competivo es difícil sobresalir, ya no basta con saber usar flash o saber utilizar componentes.

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